Opportunities to network and share experiences and resources with ICT key players in the academe, government, and industry: IFIT is a member of the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines who is marketing and branding the COUNTRYSIDE DEVELOPMENT that bring various International, National and Regional Events like:

  • Visayas ICT Organization (VICTOR) Conference
  • Creative Congress
  • National ICT Summit

IFIT is focusing on developing activities, trainings and programs for specific industry group, like:

  • IT-BPM Leaders meeting to address specific concerns of the IT-BPM Industry
  • IT-BPM Sports Activities (coming soon)
  • IT-Prenerus and StartUp Mentoring
  • Technology Business
  • Incubation Advisory
  • Data Security Training for faculty

Supports in the National Activities and IT Competitions:

  • Philippine Startup Challenge
  • Hackaton
  • Data Privacy Orientation

Beneficiary of Government support:

  • TESDA Training for Work Scholarship Program
  • DSWD Training Assistance
  • DILG Training for Better Access to Job Opportunities
  • LGU Training Assistance for employability
  • DOLE Jobstart
  • DOST TBI Assistance
  • DTI Mentorship for Startups/Access to Finance
  • Assistance in curriculum and courseware development

There are two types of membership:

  • Institutional (academic/ training institution, government sector, business/industry)
  • Individual

Academe is expected to:

  • Strengthen its education and training offerings;
  • Share its facilities and expertise for the enhancement of ICT HR anchored on industry standards subject to the approval of their respective authorities;
  • Participate in the programs and projects of IFIT and thus strengthen institutional linkages and institutional collaboration;
  • Assist in the promotion of certification program for international benchmarking among educational institutions, government sector, business and industry;
  • Collaborate with the government sector, business and industry; and;
  • Promote policies programs and projects of IFIT.

Government sector plays a vital role to:

  • Take a lead role in the formulation of supportive policies;
  • Design concrete support to programs and projects of IFIT that will redound to the empowerment of the Filipinos in general and the workers in particular
  • Share government resources, within the rules and regulations of the government, in the implementation of programs and projects of IFIT;
  • Support the promotion of policies, programs and projects of IFIT; ◊ Collaborate with the academe, business and industry; and
  • Take bold initiatives to improve governance in the public sector beneficial to business and industry and the Philippine society.

Industry partners are epxected to:

  • Share data that will determine the types of IT programs needed by business and industry in the regional, national and international levels;
  • Collaborate with the educational institutions and the government sector; ◊ Lend support of the resources in business and industry that will strengthen inter-institutional collaboration to effect greater synergy in its operation;
  • Assist in the marketing campaign of the programs and projects of IFIT; and
  • Provide employment opportunities to highly qualified manpower in IFIT.

Individual members will likewise to:

  • Actively participate in the planning and implementation of IFIT programs and projects;
  • Be diligent in the payment of membership dues; and
  • Abide by IFIT constitution and by-laws, and all rules and policies emanating from it, including ethical standards, local and international laws on ICT.
  1. Accomplish Online Membership Form.
  2. Pay membership fee in cash or check (payable to Iloilo Federation for Information Technology, Inc.) to the IFIT Secretariat Office or through Land Bank Plaza Libertad Branch Account No. 3302102170 (please keep machine validated deposit slip as proof of payment).
  3. Wait for confirmation of membership either through email at A certificate of membership will also be issued.
  4. Dues are the following: P30,000 initial institutional membership dues; P10,00 annual membership dues; P1,000 individual membership,